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I find the correlation uncanny, How can news be launched and the price of bitcoin dump at exactly the same time. It is not a Coincidence it is a conspiracy. Obviously something larger is at play, could it be that bitfinex are selling bitcoin to back the value of tether after to court case has been closed by the new york attorney general?



Bakkt Launched today and its volume is only 18BTc in the first 12 hours, institutions do not care about buying bitcoin at this price. Bitcoin price analysis in this video, is bitcoin bearish or bullish? I go through the bitcoin price news, the crypto news and the bitcoin news.


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Sentence thatched hut hut hello everybody will come out with twenty percent lower commodity guy lost an entire won the game you lost time i'm still mourning the loss of it however i do official position open by the circle but those losses on both the gleason all thoughtful to live up to several things i'll want to go on today is why did the price of the coin to open on the waiting time to jump straight into it why did the coin killed twenty percent last night we have been battling the price of the court darling darling darting into his pen information that is an abomination broke heavily the bottoms up i thought it would gloriously satisfying know we publish modell is losing this is making it the same time equilibrium not really being all want affected by the markets but he's always fond thoughts in just to watch everybody leaves the minds would like to pick one domes these despite newsweek had itself that he started doing that all these lives of being ruined is chaos going all around you and that is nothing he can do to stop please please please wait easily swayed sadistic thing anyway to let alone any mode was stopped by looking at the car's price right now and crying and it's really have a dream last night and acorns price dropped ninety percent in volume and i threw myself all the twin towers no although the existing will be seemed very very real but the time germond up i hope my entire life in the school to use grudge off my body count right now god is my eighth high in net worth in terms of cash i'm very casual are loyalist that everything that i have silk stocking off with the price all coined the current price of the coin of the season the moment he's a thousand four hundred and thirteen dollars on bacon eggs exchange not the reason i'm culpepper exist job openings awards show you some things the corley pontiff's agree with chalk effect of that we've been using for awfully long hair time now to basically we would induce trading range here we broke out on a new trade which he at this red line here that if we zoom out is that an unfolding he soon as we are not wanted without the use of the times not offended that this bread line here soul solti only broke the bomb site you just don't see walk up and this this was a trigger for show position told me to a different only come on the show you now director of the official position open on whose we're by day account the skill currently in two thousand and eighteen percent profit on it i was two thousand ninety not makeup of the coincidence unfortunately is not all cultures been there some point towards interesting to teach me about this is the season only sixty six dollars show position is currently in one thousand three hundred thirty seven dollars worth of profit now the betting that the kid is around one thousand six hundred dollars with profit the sixty bill which all positions he's bought off big look and plenty in booked competitive depreciation of the court of topel that old goat bobo was no profitable trip for me because of depreciation old look on his helmet on it when it counted one point three fold the corner which would withdraw from the elite day that was so often that waltz on this account of virtue of deferred accounts and shorten the entire falls although i don't want to show outlined all these all these reasons i also use of the piano you should also use of the gift for him because when the trading was lawfully audience that did you just will they should anyone be able to talk in view of things this does not know going to wanna use that use expert street genders of hurling free the description six goals of things cost and give three months of breeding site for twelve contract is well worth it to keep all the states because lee with bigger mostly on the intimate never a good idea which lot protected so talking about what the price of the coin is going to go what why expect is gonna happen honey coated with which this is this is what i thought would happen is a whopping speaking about couple weeks and weeks weeks this is genuinely looking good as far as i'm concerned no bolt of people now going oh we going out to free you going down to one thousand dollars no no no no no the lesson about the analytical you want to several things are happening in the courtyard mold that i think the key
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Sentence the snow or two
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Sentence assaulting interested don't have what it is very excited when specific down uncle who will look at these with complete objectivity with no emotions involved told to curly we can see that we're broken out of this position here so why what's point always yes how to go to lisa pull up and this poll that's basically i think he's quite strong one and all that and open the job mamba basically there's a large amount of all you hear that is also not want him out for you here so should we break the law with accurately out around eleven thousand eight thousand two hundred dollars which were eleven thousand two hundred which we break the law around with the thousand to set a good buddy thousand two hundred dollars an hour expect returns were around five thousand old how about why don't i expect to return to five thousand dollars to happen cults on this formation several times in the past now where replicating on a lot to scale the same thing happened and the cop and you the same thing about yet and yes we've broke into the down side however i think the downside of this will be very very very shall lift the reason i say that is because having to look it is he of the city it was and totally a ferocious horrific time and everybody in the picture into life full of writing this is molpus these break down here that is more equivalent to something like that it's a shawl break down before continue doctor cities even if you watch me buddy holly few told the whole thing out thirst for human rights is here before considerable dave numbers rise gave rise to rise to the point is this is what to hype cycle full mission in a way to people to empty the bottles yes the court did break a thousand seven hundred dollars which is where i expected it to hit anywhere i have so much a profit on the mountains high position might take profits however up because the one poll that we know the varies considerably law which hands in the states willing to sell at these prices but we've was considered get these will maki make-up be willing to bet she's no wings was gonna happen there's always some without bond to the market documentaries yet such a stable is here because there's body mauled by impression that is selling pressure the sole completely fabricated old books are completely manipulated now tail least seventy five cent because volume is complete watch trading it ought to get exchange volumes hiram hundred high at which brings beyond the next point david pfennigs don't put a price of the coin of the news of rather interesting point all we can see he yet he's got a zero to eight fifteen p. m. on september the twenty fourth round full powers between four and six hours before the dome to scott school was posted on forbes mean you you several hours before about the news was finally he came to fruition that if it makes attack that of one of the cold case basically no hop hades bill amuses they left with a large one show that basically means the bacon reconvened the theory that my understanding anyway we fondly on the people ball into realize you look who was made in our stuff on this deficit so it's just a little bit over read this article to get further understanding cricket to currency exchange defense won promotion in the oppel it division all the new york sprinkle which means you want to turn over documents pertaining to use use of the cryptic her teeth have been told by the date if cops old taxes so called stable corn is supposed to be bought by want one basis of us to look for all of a new york attorney general the tissue james in april accused the cornea behind have a descent and indeed occur to turn to debate the next june of margin nine hundred million basically this was the deficit that would help look if listed be rejected bacon expired committee i've been eggs would have to be required it to continue turning over documents obtained to bait the next and tadic currency caught up to date to today's being presented as a victory by plus unfamiliar with the care speaking on his bike around please call me up pasha wade but i would like to say this isn't a substantial windfall to mixtures of substantial with attack but how would that how does this fox ring to it suddenly lose all flickered on markets and did see at ten thousand decor introduction to a exchanges today as well or round the same time these are all foxes the da don't think warm individual causes a qualified to expect that with the new about this was insider trading the markets of that boat building on it on the ice why expected how can this award is found something else regarding this case the scolds than the liquid it'll all be coined bach it's tenth it's gaudy some reason why the duties of the pot where they've been at odds julie bach vicar took turns a bell would make sense the good stuff could you do with a mutiny general thou would make sense want does concern me here is there's a lot read between the lines and all was more shit always encourage occurred to me how very very little set me to dispose of enough lot well over a hundred thousand dollars of the stain that well the aspen beats the snow said monday with it so he does beg the question are you better off going back into cash will be acted on a few days ago that the bosom of the coin now all these good wishes on all the i'm the courts of law what does is like bacon the parts of the court consummate know i have all the souls of england by using autism i'm out it'll bikes elle decor and i bought several years ago about just don't get here is to accumulate not to not play the greater fool theory if you if that's the way the white trade me personally i don't believe the grateful theories about swiftly to coin notably the decor is a fantastic store of value like ever was making out to be big one and a shocking story volley i'm absolutely shocking store octopus and his prospective a few him much england to the bar county a million pounds in it many goats when he's only got a hundred thousand any my long past the bike helmet that where is that two hundred thousand oh this is what the court does know what his door value is to illiquid is too prone to manipulation this is why beneath yet will not roof which one reason is slightly consenting followed up by don't think about willard told that markets at this point considering that don't considering the situation we're in iowa makes baking a rebound or wrong nine thousand dollars to fall we seal lola position here like you know i expect that these downtrend is gonna immediately constant you at expect an element of relief if all the downtrend continues however member turn your friend this is quite obviously the stock of something which looked logic cigar interesting trudy any of this indefinite checked out by gum running off with by the curly v. w. zero point two b. d. c. in any account that i cowley credited with a hundred and ten dollars if you get closer up one warm b. t. c. in any cowman alike how we drug addicted with sixty dollars want their account jews will be all that and basically if your new customer the needles to get sixty dollars on top of gossip why the nice bonus especially to operating in the old only work o'mara for late in the description blow to make you jackie alcove really appreciate bohannon will have a good day guys are really do appreciate what used to deal with font of state want one for tomorrow to heat it should it struck at what unit for four hours today i'm still doing anything useful so you could enjoy it will be on the jury may to use much like on this video make to common your opinions about eight to two syria to zero in the script and mingled all insecure that's what it's called all of that i'd appreciate it and i can see
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